Mar 28, 2013

Welcome to my world

At last! Blog, first post, photographers and writes take your positions (actually, it's only me), attention-dress (I haven't been in the army, so I don't know if that's the correct order of these orders), camera-actionopening music (nope, you're nor deaf, there isn't one), the title:
"Somewhere amazing … I guess"

BRACKET A bit info about the title. Originally, it was going to be "Something amazing ...", which comes from this scene from the animated movie The Incredibles. However, as I draw most inspiration and take the largest number of pictures, while I'm travelling or just taking a walk, I decided to change it. BRACKET

Opening scene: forest, river, people, campfire, food … the year "2003" appears and then it fades out slowly … I, with a camera in my hands, taking pictures of plants and bugs … light illuminates my face, when I bring the camera close to me – it is emitted by the LCD screen, which shows the pictures I've just taken, I turn myself towards the imaginary movie camera and look as if I've seen the Holy Grail …

Some other scenes before the next important scene: random scenes flash quickly, in which I continue to be amazed by the Holy Grail/LCD screen of various digital cameras … at the same time countless photos are piling up and remain undeveloped in cardboard boxes (I know that digital pictures are not kept in cardboard boxes, but I resort to this hyperbole to strengthen the effect of the amount of unprocessed photos), waiting for a blog on a white horse to appear and to publish them (well, the guy on the horse will have to develop them first)…

The next important scene (for which is used a large amount of the budget of the movie that I got myself in, and along with me – you): the action takes place in Cuba … I'm surrounded by my friends … we walk about, sight-see, have fun, take pictures …

I doubt that the majority of you have understood anything from the above-written mumbo-jumbo, that's why I'm putting "the movie" to an end and get down to business. The first photos that I will publish in this blog will be from my trip in Cuba in 2008, which is first for me in many regards. First first – that's my first big photo trip. Second first – unknown to me after which party night in Habana, I started to write down our experiences, so for the first time I started writing, for pleasure, with nobody to tell me how many pages I have to write, which will be graded afterwards. Or at least not by a teacher/professor. And I wrote the longest thing I've ever written, at the time. Third first – a year and half after the trip, my first photo travel book was born, in paper and ink (no flesh or blood involved) – officially titled "Bucanero wannabe" (with a mistake in the title in the first two print issues), which I interpret as "An applicant for pirate", or the Cuban travel story for short. While editing it was born not Jesus Christ, but the pen name Ernesto Hamandeggs. A little bit of Hemingway, who have a history with Cuba, and something to eat, as I am hungry permanently as in permanent marker. Fourth first – after another two years and a heavy battle/editing, which slashed half of the text, for the first time in my "career", the Cuban travel story was published more officially in the Bulgarian edition of The Explorer magazine (unfortunately, the site doesn't have an English version) under the name "An exercise in Cuban care-freeness" (in three successive issues). Fifth first – the Cuban travel story was nominated for Pulitzer under the title "Yeah right".
First part of the Cuban travel story, The Explorer, issue 2, 2012
Second part of the Cuban travel story, The Explorer, issue 3, 2012
A photo of me & the Gorgeous Graciela in the second part , The Explorer, issue 2, 2012
Third part of the Cuban travel story, The Explorer, issue 1, 2013

I wish you a pleasant trip in the amazing places, which I've visited and shot, and I hope that they will inspire, if not for some big adventure, at least for a short walk during the weekend, maybe even without a camera.

If you haven't already noticed, when I write I like:
  • (cross "like"love brackets, they help me "see bullet point №2"
  • to explain myself;
  • to list things;
  • to get carried away and to get myself in "movies" (it's a whole TV series);
  • to use bullet points.

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